Its antioxidant properties make it the perfect ally for combating aging.

Welcome to the world of Natural Cosmetics of Lycopene, where taking care of yourself, becomes an authentic pleasure for the senses.

Our cosmetic line provides (contributes) health and welfare to the skin. Gradually, you will notice, how the antioxidant power of licopene will return that natural pink tone, typical of healthy skins. Lycolé will take care of you with all natural ingredients.

It's the perfect combination between beauty, health and welfare. Touch, feel and explore the Lycolé world.


Licopene is a potent, natural antioxidant ideal for the battle against aging


Forget about aging, here is the perfect ally for healthy skin


The powerful antioxidant of licopene helps eliminate blemishes, acne, psoriasis and visibly improves atopic skin types

Its antioxidant properties make it the perfect ally for combating aging

Lycopene is a natural pigment, which in our case, is extracted directly from tomatoes. Its antioxidant properties make it a real ally for beauty and health. It protects human cells from the everyday stress caused by free radicals, which are directly responsible for aging.

Wrinkles are form by oxidation under the skin, as a result of sun damage and free radicals. To maintain a youthful and healthy skin, ideally, it should be treated from the inside (with a balance diet) and from the outside (with natural cosmetics).

With its powerful antioxidant trait, Lycopene also helps eliminate blemishes, acne, and psoriasis and visibly improves atopic skin types, gradually achieving a purified and renovated skin

Focused on the thousands of people around the world who trust in the power of nature to care for their skin every day

Our products are a perfect combination between beauty and nature. They are experiences of wellbeing that provoke all the senses. Touch, feel and explore our world of beauty, focused on taking care of you with simple nature.

Committed to the Environment

We are located in the incomparable environmental setting of Extremadura, a privileged land for nature lovers. Our products are made in a magical, pollution-free environment. Since the beginning, we have been committed to protecting the environment.

And its properties and benefits.

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